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eBay boycotts Django Unchained action figures, price hits $8900…

Django Unchained Action Figures


Spike Lee really opened up a can of worms with all of his Django hating. He couldn’t just let Tarantino have his moment to shine. He had to go and make a big fuss. I find it funny how the equally controversial director behind the racially charged “Do The Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever” and “Miracle at St. Anna” has his jimmies rustled over the portrayal of an ethnic group in film. He needs to take a look in the mirror before he starts throwing stones.


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Ivanko Super Gripper

I just picked this up on ebay for $17.99 plus shipping. A nice alternative to the standard hand grippers you see at sporting good stores. Instead of buying several grippers as your strength increases, the Ivanko uses high quality springs that can be adjusted to change the resistance level. Amazingly, there are about 50+ resistance levels on this thing, ranging from 45 lbs. to 345 lbs. (which is only 20 pounds less than it takes to close the number 4 Captains of Crush gripper). So you basically get more than a whole set of CoC grippers (which are about $20.00 a piece) in one training tool. It’s also a lot more comfortable to do sets with than a standard hand gripper. Highly recommended if your looking to increase your grip strength for any number of reasons…weight training, boxing/mma, guitar, sports…you get the picture.

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Kidrobot Adult Swim figures…


I know there are some Adult Swim fans out there who will get a kick out of these when they drop in April. Assy, Avenger, Robot Chicken, Murderface, Early, Carl and about 14 more minis will make up the planned 20 characters to complete the line. Each one will run you around 8 bucks and come in a special Adult Swim themed Kidrobot box. Check the Kidrobot site frequently for a release date. Hit up for additional pics.


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Kidrobot X Hippo Esthetics…


Drunk Frog in A Bear Suit by Hippo Esthetics.  Drunk, frog, bear suit, vinyl, limited to 300, available March 15th on  If you aren’t into toys you can still appreciate this cool design.  If not, then your drunk ass can relate on another level…  Shout to TNES.

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