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Update: Have to click this vid and watch this shit on YouTube.  Fuck you Sony!

I’m a filthy dubstep remix addict… You know this dude (Gene Kelly)  just smashed a “Slump-Buster” and “Got his Swagga Back”.  This is totally what that feels like which is why it makes me piss myself laughing.  This one is my new personal favorite via SaladUK who consistently kills these dubstep mashups.

And props to Gene Kelly for killing “Singing in the Rain”.  Dude is rocking the robot, popping, ticking, all kinds of sick moves for 19-fucking-52.  Respect!!


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Rebecca Black – Death Metal Friday…

I’m a huge fan of video mashups.  So when I saw this Death Metal cover on YouTube’s homepage I knew it had to be worth it.  Doing my due diligence this Rebecca Black chick apparently made “The Worst Song in The World”, got 36 million YouTube hits as a result, and the backlash has been fairly epic.  NO you shouldn’t see how bad it is for yourself just trust me and watch the clever Death Metal Version ridicule this poor bitch!   Props to the kids who made it, Jarett Norton and Danny Dodge.

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Tony Danza vs. Rick Ross: The Conclusive “Title Fight”…

Tony Danza vs Rick Ross

Tony Danza vs Rick Ross

Maybe it’s because I’m an 80’s baby, but I’ve always associated the word “Boss” with Tony Danza.  So recently I had an epiphany when I realized that at some point, Rick Ross totally jacked Tony Danza’s “Boss” title…  What the fuck man!?  You can’t just go and do that shit without a formal BigSteez analysis… So now I’m forced to go and play a game called:


Since this is a “Title Fight” it will be 5 rounds or til there’s a KO.

Round One: WHO ARE THEY: The Basics…

RICK ROSS – Black rap dude with an amazing beard and a butt load of tattoos.  I say that because he has so many tattoos, odds are he has some on his butt cheeks.  But that many is definitely “Bossish” in that he hired a ton of artists to tattoo the said buttocks.

TONY DANZA – A good lookin, good cookin, Italian American actor.  His unorthodox portrayal of a funny, sensitive, domestic male probably made him the 1990s largest target for girls to throw their vaginas at.  A very “Boss Like” quality indeed…’s_the_Boss%3F

ROUND ONE GOES TO DANZA: Danza’s Pussy magnet > a huge beard & tats.


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Little Tikes Getting Dunked On… Pt. 2

Little Tikes Getting Dunked On


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Charlie Sheen + Star Wars = Sheen Wars

I’m not a fan of Star Wars (never dug the Star Trek, outer space shit as kid). Actually, I’m not a fan of Charlie Sheen either. The amount of media coverage this dude has gained in the past few weeks or so is beyond me.  A drunken fiend who can’t keep his kids is suddenly a hero in the eyes of the American public. Nice. That being said, this mashup is golden. Instant classic.

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Dubstep Hits Justin Bieber Harder Than Puberty… By SaladUK

This might be the single most gratifying minute and 23 second clip I’ve seen in awhile.  I just stopped by Salad UK’s Youtube page and the title compelled me to watch/post this.  Should work on you too.  Yeah I’m sadistic, but you know you loved it.  Also if you missed the Jean Claude Van Damme: How To Dance Dubstep clip, check that out too.  Both made me giggle but I kinda loved watching Bieber get lit the fuck up 30 times in slow motion.  NOTE: Doesn’t get awesome until halfway through.


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Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale…

Monthy Python's Holy Grail Ale

“Tempered over burning witches…”  How the hell could I resist that???  Having Monty Python shoved in my face by my pops (thanks Dad!) from an early age, I’ve always loved the comedy troupe’s ridiculous movies and sketches.  That being said I was suckered into coughing up $9 for a 6-pack that was in all probability, a clever marketing ploy and was shyte beer at best.   I was definitely wrong however.  Holy Grail Ale is an English made Pale Ale by England’s Black Sheep Brewery whose brewer Paul Theakston’s whose bloodline is apparently “beer royalty” having the family’s Theakston Brewery date back to 1827.  This beer was actually commissioned in 1999 as a 30th anniversary commemorative brew.

Anyways I couldn’t stop drinking these which is saying alot for a Tuesday night chilling at my dad’s house.  Definitely NOT the novelty buy I thought it was.  I’m usually found sipping some on some local IPAs but this got me interested in trying some English Ale imports.  You can read a full review here if you’re so inclined and enjoy a clip of King Arthur trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

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