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Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale…

Monthy Python's Holy Grail Ale

“Tempered over burning witches…”  How the hell could I resist that???  Having Monty Python shoved in my face by my pops (thanks Dad!) from an early age, I’ve always loved the comedy troupe’s ridiculous movies and sketches.  That being said I was suckered into coughing up $9 for a 6-pack that was in all probability, a clever marketing ploy and was shyte beer at best.   I was definitely wrong however.  Holy Grail Ale is an English made Pale Ale by England’s Black Sheep Brewery whose brewer Paul Theakston’s whose bloodline is apparently “beer royalty” having the family’s Theakston Brewery date back to 1827.  This beer was actually commissioned in 1999 as a 30th anniversary commemorative brew.

Anyways I couldn’t stop drinking these which is saying alot for a Tuesday night chilling at my dad’s house.  Definitely NOT the novelty buy I thought it was.  I’m usually found sipping some on some local IPAs but this got me interested in trying some English Ale imports.  You can read a full review here if you’re so inclined and enjoy a clip of King Arthur trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

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Zab Judah & Floyd Mayweather make it rain…


Zab and Floyd went all out in Las Vegas club Prive by seeing who could stunt the hardest. They supposedly were outbidding each other by buying $1000 bottles of Dom Perignon and just throwin em out to the crowd randomly. Then Pretty Boy sprayed the crowd with $5000 in cash. Guess dudes don’t learn from the Pacman Jones situation. Click the pic to read the full article and check out some of the video footage.

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Sailor Jerry Rum and Clothing…


The other day whilst shopping for a new bottle of booze, I decided to pass on the Appleton Estate and instead grabbed a bottle of 92 proof Sailor Jerry Rum.  Doing some research, i found out Sailor Jerry is the Jedi Master O.G. of tattooing and a brand sprung from his prodigees to honor his legacy.  Truth be told it tastes better than Captain, its cheaper, it has a higher proof, and I suppose its cooler now that I know the story behind it.  Captain and Jack are my go-to booze for a night out, but at home I’m now a Sailor Jerry fan.

Not only do they make and sell some of the best rum I’ve tasted in a long time but they have a ridiculous clothing line of tattoo inspired designs, selling everything from shirts to corsets.  This  brand cuts Captain Morgans throat and pops a buck shot in Ed Hardy’s chest.  I even had to give it 2 pics…


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