UFC 139 thoughts and predictions

18 Nov

Let me first say that I love this card. Absolutely stacked. So stacked that the UFC probably should have considered watering it down to put some of the big names towards their UFC on FOX failure. I say failure because I felt the debut was awful. I was reduced to watching the prelims on a crappy stream while the one hour time slot was basically a hype show followed by a single don’t blink your eyes or you’ll miss it heavyweight fight. I hope they handle it better in the future.

UFC 139 is loaded with former champions. Faber, Cung Le, Dan Henderson, and Shogun are all former title holders in either the UFC, Strikeforce, or WEC. Stylistically, they all fight to please the common MMA fan and are battling for title contention. Wanderlei is just the icing on the cake. Guaranteed to see some brutal striking in every main card bout. Should be an excellent card and will likely be worth the $44.99 PPV fee.

Henderson vs. Shogun

Great match up and a worthy main event. Overall, I haven’t been impressed by Shogun since his switch to the UFC. Although he has won some key fights to stay in the picture, his cardio remains his downfall in my eyes.  Hendo is getting older but he is still capable of pressing the action at an impressive pace. No way Shogun can keep up. Also keep in mind that Hendo has never been knocked out and has quite the chin. I like Dan Henerson winning via some type of stoppage.

Wanderlei vs. Cung Le
Wanderlei Silva is pretty much damaged goods at this point. As much as I respect the guy, he’s been knocked out in brutal fashion one too many times. He always comes prepared to slug, but it never appears that he has a gameplan. This entire fight will be fought on the feet and Cung Le is a more well rounded striker. He’ll emerge the victor in a fight that doesn’t last 3 rounds.

Faber vs. Bowles
Two top 5 bantamweights. Could very well win fight of the night honors. Faber is non-stop and Bowles will gladly exchange. I think it will ultimately come down to experience, and Faber has more. He knows how to win fights and will outpoint Bowles in a fight that does go the distance. Faber in 3.

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One response to “UFC 139 thoughts and predictions

  1. Mazz

    November 18, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    Nice calls, I totally agree.

    I’ll say Wanderlei gets fucked up BAD by Cung Le. I used to love Silva’s fights in Pride but lately he’s been boring. Cung Le kicks are technical and he sets them up and throws combos, not sure why he hasn’t had more fights but I’m routing for this guy to get a shot at Anderson Silva. Silva has never faced anyone with kicks like Cung and that might be what it takes to dethrone him. If Wanderlei wants to survive the second round he needs to look for some takedowns and early or he’ll get thumped on.

    I’ll take Faber by submission just since its overdue. I don’t think I can stand to watch Faber lose anymore. Bowles is solid though, this is a great matchup.

    For the main card Hendo all the way. All respect to both fighters but he hits harder and the chin factor is going to likely decide this. I don’t see Rua trying to grapple a wrestler of his caliber or knocking him out.

    And yeah FUCK UFC on FOX that was fucking GARBAGE. Awful fight with 90 replays. I see the desire for mainstream recognition via a MAJOR sports network but they sold out.


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