Street League Kansas City was a little ridiculous…

13 Jun

Just days after gassing up the Maloof Cup, I stumble upon Street League Skateboarding. 10 finalists. Tech section. Line section. Big section. 5-7 attempts on each section. Skaters’s tricks scored instantly based on 1-10 scale, thanks to Rob Dyrdek’s newish system as seen on Fantasy Factory. No timed runs. Brilliant! Never seen tricks of this caliber attempted in a contest, never mind stomped. The next stop airs on ESPN2 on July 17th at 5 PM ET. Something you probably should tune into. The contest runs more like a demo than a contest.
Finals notables:

Nyjah Huston: nollie inward heelf down over hubba down big set
Ryan Sheckler: caballerial flip off kicker down big set (awarded best trick)
Chris Cole: 5-0 flip out up ledge-kickflip front board (line)
Mikey Taylor: switch frontside 180 to frontside feeble
Billy Marks:  double Kick flip down big 2-set-triple kickflip over the flat gap (line)
Torey Pudwill: nollie kickflip backside lip
P-Rod: varial heel to backside crook

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One response to “Street League Kansas City was a little ridiculous…

  1. Mazz

    June 13, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Nice post & sick course. Sheckler threw down some nice ones. I thought this course was much better than the maloof.


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