Clif Bar Wine…

12 Jun

Clif Family Wine

Clif Family Wine

As one of my favorite companies, Clif Bar products fuel most of my days and all of my outings.  I’m kinda hooked on their extensive line of Energy Bars and usually keep two 12 count boxes in my house.  Lately I got into their “Shot Bloks” when I need extra energy.  It’s kind of like cheating really and a great electrolyte replacement when you are only drinking water but sweating like Shaq on the free throw line.  Anyways they always put together an outstanding product, usually organic and low impact, so I’ll definitely be buying this when I see it.  Although not sure you want to be getting shitfaced on a cliff face, but its always nice to have something to look forward too after a long day of hiking or climbing.  This product hits the backwoods booze hound demographic with both brand familiarity as well as tailored packaging, I just wonder about the availability.  Personally I prefer IPA to wine but IPA’s don’t have cool carabiner clips built in.  Hit this link to read more on

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