Maloof Money Cup 2011 and thoughts on skateboarding contests…

08 Jun

Street skateboarding contests have evolved dramatically over the course of about 5-10 years or so. Gone are the days when vert skaters could enter street contests, air crazily off of quarter pipes, land routine transfers (routine in the world of vert), grind some coping, and walk away with the win while all the street technicians were left in the dust. The new jam and/or best trick format in present day contests has filtered out nearly all of those wanna-be street skateboarders. The scoring system now allows for competitors to go all out and not be penalized for bails. What this amounts to is insane skateboarding. Something that you wouldn’t have seen in the 1998 X-Games. Combine these factors with a handful of the best skateboarders competing for a 1st place purse of $160K. The anti was consistently being upped throughout the course of this particular contest.

I was a little disappointed to see that the usuals weren’t a part of this (P-Rod, Sheckler, Chris Cole, Ortiz), but I wasn’t disappointed to see what was being thrown down. The “bracket style” format was adopted for this stop’s finals, which meant dudes had to go head-to-head for 4 minutes non-stop. If they did advance they would have to quickly rehydrate and be prepared to go balls to the wall for another 4 minutes. With all these odds stacked up, I was still impressed with the outcome.

Busenitz went bat shit, throwing down trick after trick, including some nice flip to manny tricks on the flat box. Decenzo took the same approach in all rounds leading up to the semi finals, but landing bigger tricks (i.e. fs flip over the rail). Unfortunately for Decenzo the format was too much and he succumbed to the heat/exhaustion and was ultimately denied by Lutzka in the semis. The big winner of the day was Lutzka, who dusted off the cobwebs and went off in the finals to earn a cool $160,000. See the following video for some of Lutka’s final insanity


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