Ghostbusters III slated for Christmas 2012?

21 Apr

Read something about this the other day and looked a little into it. Apparently the only thing holding back production is Murray. I’m sure they’ll peer pressure the shit out of him until he gives in. Pretty stoked that the original Ghostbusters will be a part of this project. I honestly couldn’t bear to watch another classic 80’s film butchered with an awful remake, Karate Kid being a prime example.

On the downside, it’s been like over 20 years  since II and over 25 since the original. Ramis and Murray look all old and shit. It’s gonna be depressing.

On the other hand, they could bring back Ecto Cooler for the release and this could be the suckiest sequel since Caddyshack II and no one would notice.   

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One response to “Ghostbusters III slated for Christmas 2012?

  1. Carlos M Garza Jr

    March 25, 2012 at 12:07 am

    i like ghostbusters when i was a kid during 1980 now i am adult 28 years old 2012 keep it up
    all ghost hunter fans.


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