Saigon’s “The Greatest Story Never Told” is a classic

21 Feb

This is the first full length album in I don’t know how long where I was able to sit and listen start to finish without skipping a single track. Sai’s lyrical ability is truly amazing. Content, storytelling technique, and flow is all top notch. The production is on point as well. Just Blaze deserves a hand for his efforts. Not one weak spot in 18 tracks. I also love how Saigon is throwing out positive messages (a salute to emcees I listened to at an early age) to the youth, yet managing to keep it gully at the same time. It really takes an intelligent lyricist to paint such vivid images of urban blight the way Saigon did. Tracks like “Believe It” and “It’s Alright” reminded me of more modern versions of Wu Syndicate’s “Where was Heaven” and Ghostface’s “All That I got is You.” Hip hop intended to evoke emotions while delivering an encouraging message. A pretty common theme within “The Greatest Story….” I see this being in my rotation for years to come. 10/10 for me easy.

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