Spartacus: Blood & Sand…

15 Jan


Yeah yeah, so I’m a little late to the Netflix bandwagon.  My setup is on my Media PC so I stream online more than i get DVDs.  While the content for Instant Viewing is limited compared to the DVD rental selection and sometimes difficult to decide on, I saw the Spartacus Season One had a 5 Star rating.  Try finding anything with 5 STARS on Netflix and email me in a year when you do…

After the first gory 55 minute episode of 13, I was a massive fan.  This is a show of epic proportions of which I’ve never seen the likes as a TV Series.  Take ROME (HBO), 300, Gladiator, mash them together into a 13 hour series and you have Spartacus.  Its a tale of revenge and love, soaked in blood, sex, and betrayal.  And there’s A LOT of blood, A LOT of sex, and A LOT of betrayal.

Headed by actor Andy Whitfield playing the rogue Gladiator Spartacus, the performances are stellar and PERFECTLY cast.  John Hannah and Lucy Lawless are incredible.

Honestly I can’t even say enough about this show, the Season One finale had me screaming and cheering at my TV in awe.   Unfortunately Whitfield was diagnosed with Non-hodgkins Lymphoma and didn’t return for the second season, “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” a 6 series mini-season starting January 21 @ 10pm on STARZ, but rumor is he will be returning for the 3rd Season.  I’m praying for this guys recovery, he totally made this show for me.

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