Brock Lesnar vs. Junior dos Santos – TUF 13 Coaches…

15 Jan

When this was announced on 1/11/11, I kind of got excited.  I find Brock hilarious.  He is so arrogant it kills me, but he generally has backed his shit talk up with bombs.  Also he is labeled “The UFC’s Biggest Draw” and referred to as their “Cash Cow” for obvious reasons, with his fights generally grossing the most.  His coaching abilities are being critiqued like crazy however since his stand up is meager.

Junior dos Santos?  I’m not a fan of his fighting style and his personality is questionable.  Also after checking Junior’s fight history, he hasn’t fought the level of competition that Brock has.  Also there’s no real rivalry and I don’t see how Brock gets top contention so soon after losing, oh yeah profits…  I don’t watch The Ultimate Fighter religiously but the Koscheck vs. GSP rivalry last season was great as was the Rampage vs. Rashad Evans.  Also Heavyweight TUFs are boring as all hell, hopefully they get some exciting fighters for this, usually they gas out in the 1st Round.  The video looks kind of promising, some nice grappling.

I think this was a poor choice for coaches, I’d rather see Frank Mir or Shane Carwin than dos Santos but he is the top Contender I suppose.  At least Brock will crush him quick when they fight, I’d love to see Lesnar vs. Velasquez II.  The UFC’s Heavyweight Class is too thin to even pick decent coaches…

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One response to “Brock Lesnar vs. Junior dos Santos – TUF 13 Coaches…

  1. tnell

    January 16, 2011 at 11:17 am

    Yeah Dana giving Brock a potential title shot already is pretty weak. If I was a UFC fighter I would be questioning his motives right about now. The heavyweight division is not as shallow as this move suggests. Fighters need to build some momentum and earn their belt.


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