Floyd Mayweather signs with UFC?…

09 Jun

I don’t know how legit some of these rumors are but I’ve read reports from more than one website stating that Floyd will be making an announcement sometime this week of his plans to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Last week he declared himself ‘retired’ from boxing, something he’s done in the past and not stayed true to. But he was about to make a big payday by fighting his second fight with De La Hoya in September. Passing up cash like that tells me he’s got something big lined up. Click the pic for the report and stay tuned for developments…

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One response to “Floyd Mayweather signs with UFC?…

  1. cody roberts

    January 31, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Floyd Mayweather would KILL any mma fighter you put him in the octagon with, the difference between boxing and mma is like chess and checkers, anybody can fight in a cage but you have to think in boxing……..


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