Paul Pierce fined $25K for “menacing gesture”…

30 Apr

David Stern made the decision to fine Paul Pierce for the “menacing gesture” he made towards the Atlanta bench in game 3, moments after Al Horford taunted him when he was bent down on the floor. There have been a number of rumors regarding what Pierce’s hand gesture meant. I’ve heard anything from: “3’s up,” a common Boston slogan; “you still gotta win 3 games,” meaning the series was about to be at 2-1 in favor of the C’s when Pierce threw it up; “it’s only game 3”; and I’ve heard people go as far as to claim it’s Pierce flashing an Inglewood/Bloods flag. Whatever it was supposed to mean, I didn’t see anything too menacing about it. Pierce is one of the quieter superstars in the league and is in no way a menacing or intimidating figure. Stern went overboard. Why didn’t he these dudes?:

Shit, Menino is even throwin it up. That’s gotta show it’s Beantown related.

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