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14 Feb


A day late with this…but I had to make a post about what occurred in the 3rd round of the Jamie Varner-Rob McCullough fight. If you heard about the outcome but didn’t see the fight, take the results with a grain of salt. Early on in the 3rd, Rob McCullough landed a HUGE right that jacked Varner’s face sideways and threw his mouthpiece halfway across the cage. It was the type of shot that makes you cringe when they replay it in slow motion. Still wobbly, Varner actually made the “T” sign with his hands and called timeout! Frank Mir’s co-commentator made a funny comment relating the incident to when Chris Webber called a timeout when he didn’t have one to call. Mir was stunned himself, saying “I just learned something new.” It was obviously a very unconventional ending to a fight and will no doubt be looked into by McCullough’s camp.

The timeout call by Varner in attempt to recover paralleled the move by the late Diego Corrales when he purposely spit his mouthpiece out to get his legs back against Jose Luis Castillo. Corrales subsequently knocked out Castillo in what was one of the most memorable endings to a fight in the past decade. 


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4 responses to “WEC 32…

  1. diduwatchthesamefight

    February 15, 2008 at 2:12 am

    I really think you are not watching the same fight I watched. Jamie went down after the hit. Then got up and got away. Then signaled for time. While I have never seen someone do this, Jamie took several blows before getting to do that. And that’s not how it ended. You make it seem like he didn’t win for real. Well I watched the 3 round a couple times and Jamie didn’t just knock Rob down once but 3 different times. 1st flat on his ass up against the cage, 2nd to his knees while holding onto Jamie’s shorts (violation that wasn’t caught), and 3rd the last and final blow and while the shorts were being held. It is in the rules that Mazz had every right to call a timeout for Jamie not only to put the mouth piece in but it also says it could have been cleaned first. And even in your ridiculous post you say it was knocked out by a big blow. So why all the references to a spit out fight! Come on man just ignorant.

  2. tnell

    February 15, 2008 at 8:54 am

    “Jamie went down after the hit. Then got up and got away. Then signaled for time.”

    I didn’t know fighters can call timeout after being tagged. Neither did Mir. Neither did Mir’s co-announcer. How am I ignorant by agreeing that it’s unfair to call timeout YOURSELF. All it does is create a slippery slope of fighters having additional options when they feel like they need a break. The referee is supposed to signal for time to get the mouthpiece in. McCullough was the aggressor at the moment of the TO and Varner threw the T sign up. Seriously WTF is that? We will never know what would’ve happened if he didn’t signal for time. McCullough might have jumped on him when he noticed the piece got ejected, he may not have. But in a time of engagement between the fighters, the ref will not likely step in until they break apart. And I give props to Varner for the win. He’s a champ. He outsmarted the system. He put on a sick dispay of striking at the end too. I take nothing away from him. I just think the TO call was messed up. IMO.

  3. tnell

    February 15, 2008 at 9:28 am

    From MMA Junkie: Varner was stunned early in the third frame with a stiff right punch from McCullough. Varner called for a timeout after losing his mouthpiece, confusing the crowd. Referee Steve Mazzagatti complied, and Varner came out firing afterward, dropping the champ twice before the fight was finally halted due to a TKO stoppage at 2:54 of the round.

    Comments on this Page:

    “What the fuck is he doing aknowledging Varnor’s time out attempt?! That was fucking ridiculous. Hey Jamie you got hit in the mouth dude, you can’t call a timeout to regain your senses. Pathetic call by Maz.”

    “why did mazagatti call a timeout? don’t they usually fight until a natural intervention point, not until someone calls time?”

    “I do agree that the “timeout” call on the mouth piece for varner was bogus. That may have significantly changed the outcome of the fight but we will never kno. Overall, great fights tho…”

    “I agree that the T.O. was a little strange and that it definitely gave Varner time to recover.”

    “Fighters cant just call time out, especially since Varner had been rocked. I was yelling ‘BULLSHIT!’ when that happened.”

    “Also, what does the fighter calling a time-out rather than the ref do for future fights? Can you just spit your mouthpiece out and call a time to rest?”

    “I loved the fights, I love the WEC, but this sure can’t be good for Mazz’s rep. He looked confused ( never a good way for the ref to look) and ALLOWED a TO ? Um, ok….”

    “Ridiculous!! Since when is a fighter allowed to call a timeout?!??!?! He gets crushed in the face, he’s totally out of it, and Rob was going in for the kill…..and then Varner says TIMEOUT?????”

    “I know that Varner kicked Robs ass, but that timeout was a huge turning point!”

    Looks like I did watch the same fight!

  4. Mazz

    February 15, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    diduwatchthesamefight, are you arguing that fighters can call a Timeout? I think your reading comprehesion needs some work cuz Tnell didn’t say he spit it out, he said it got blasted across the ring and then compared it to another controversial fight where a mouth piece became the turning point. I think you misinterpreted the last paragraph.

    Obviously refs can call time to reset and clean a mouth piece. Everyone knows that so you sound stupid reiterating the basic rules.

    Learn to read before you call our posts ridiculous. But hey, thanks for coming to the site!


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