EA Sports Skate…

27 Dec


I played this on XBOX 360 yesterday for the first time. It’s made some HUGE improvements on Tony Hawk games and is much more realistic. For instance, to ollie you have to pull back the right stick and press it forward just like if you were bending your knees and jumping in real life. To kickflip, you’d have to pull the right stick back and then flick it to the left for a kickflip or right for a heel flip if you’re a regular footed. You even have to land exactly right to do grinds and boardslides and adjust your body to come off rails; and pump (either regular or mongo foot) to keep up to speed. There are a ton of real life spots, different modes of play, new skaters and more. Highly recommended…especially¬†to those Tony Hawk fans sick of the unrealistic nature of Pro Skater games. Click the pic for a demo of gameplay.

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One response to “EA Sports Skate…

  1. Tao

    December 28, 2007 at 7:26 am

    I bought this game the same week I bought Halo3 – and lets just say – Skate has not been out of my 360 since!

    Amazing game…!


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