Roy Jones Jr. vs. Tito Trinidad

17 Dec

It’s goin down on January 19th. I’m excited to see one of the all-time P4P greatest fighters back in the ring. Both Tito and RJJ are way past their primes, but both still have enough left to give us a war. My prediction is Roy Jones with a KO victory to put a cherry on his brilliant career.

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One response to “Roy Jones Jr. vs. Tito Trinidad

  1. Chad

    July 1, 2008 at 11:07 am

    I’m 7 months past the fight so I can’t claim kudos for a prediction going my way. All I can say is that who could have predicted Trinidad would win? Why would Trinidad’s camp think he could?

    I’m not shocked it wasn’t a ko. Jones doesn’t go for ko’s by his own admission. He’s even explained why he doesn’t.

    All experts say jONES dominated Trinidad, which EVERY single analyst has said has happened to trinidad by ANY top ranked boxer since trinidad attempted to go pro…. HERE.

    Trinidad beat ODLH? Watch the fight Puerto Ricans. Your fighter got a very VERY questionable decision.

    I mean I’m not bitter about it. Later history tells the truth (I remember Hopkins snatching your flag). You’re pro can’t win a single fight in the big leagues. Shades of prince haseem Hamed. Bad to the bone until he challenged American fighters.


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