WEC Results and Review…

13 Dec

Urijah Faber Flying Knee

If you missed WEC last night then this post is to make you feel bad.  I was expecting some pretty good fights and I was pleasantly surprised to witness some great ones.  All three Title Holders successfully defended their belts with ease except Paulo Filho who barely pulled off a 2nd round submission against a dominant Chael Sonnen.  Doug Marshall almost ripped Ariel Gandulla’s arm in half with an armbar in the 1st round. 

In a furious display on why he is one of the best P4P MMA fighters in the world, Featherweight Urijah Faber weathered a full round of Gracie BJJ Black Belt Jeff Curran on his back and then let the fireworks go in the 2nd, winning with a choke.  Faber also put on a clinic of creative spontaneity, at times pulling off moves and locks that stunned even Frank Mir.  The above picture is an example, a knee to the face off of one leg while Curran held the other.  After winning, a gracious Faber politely called out Pulver who also won.  This looks like a fight that will happen soon and should be one of the best matchups of the year.

Jens Pulver also dispatched Cub Swanson in 35 seconds stuffing a takedown and rocking a choke.  Pulver looked vicious and the win at his former 145 weight class definitely proves he’s back where he belongs after dropping from 155.  Another mentionable fight was Bantamweight Charlie Valencia who rocked Ian McCall numerous times and after taking his back executed a brilliant suplex. 

The WEC is proving to be extremely interesting and I have to admit that I now prefer it to UFC.  Less commercials, less bullshit, more weight classes, lots of great matchups, and tons of action.  Their Bantam and Featherweight divisions are sick and their fighters are young and hungry.  Also Frank Mir is a great commentator, in my opinion second only to Bas Rutten.  Plus WEC doesn’t have annoying ass Mike Goldberg blabbing on endlessly…

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