Matt Hamill Robbed…

10 Sep


At UFC 75 on Saturday Matt “the Hammer” Hamill displayed some of his excellent wrestling skills and managed to make his wildly unorthodox strikes effective in a decision loss to Michael Bisping. This was easily one of the most shady decisions in recent MMA events. Props have to be given to Hamill for not going out of his mind when the decision was read and handling it like a man. Coming out to “Born in the USA” was pretty good too. On a side note, it would be in Bisping’s best interest to drop to 185. I’m not sure he wants to see the likes of Rampage, Chuck or Dan H. He’d fare better with the middle-weights IMO.

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One response to “Matt Hamill Robbed…

  1. ron

    May 13, 2008 at 5:29 am

    FUCK YOU TOO… aren’t we even?


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