UFC 71… Chuck Liddell vs. Rampage Jackson

25 May


While most of the world has recently hopped on the Chuck Liddell band wagon/dick, any hardcore MMA fans have been following Jackson just as closely for a long time.  With UFC’s recent purchase of PRIDE, they can now feed the Chuck fan frenzy with someone who won’t cause them to lose their reputation if Iceman loses.  I’m of course referring to the squashed Vanderlei Silva vs. Liddell matchup.  Yes, Chuck is at the top of his game.  I still wanna see him get KTFO just to hear Dana White piss and moan about his boyfriend. (Dana + Chuck = BFF!)   Interestingly, White wasted no time in arranging this matchup after hearing Rampage proclaim he wanted a few more fights before facing Chuck.  The other good fight is Karo Parisian vs. Josh Burkman.  Oh yeah, there’s bunch of typical shitty UFC matchups too.  Click the pic for the matchups not worth mentioning. 

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Posted by on May 25, 2007 in MMA


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