The Ultimate Warrior…

17 May


The ultimate Ultimate Warrior throwback… Yeah thats right, its the Ultimate Warrior logo on an all over print tee.  Available on Karmaloop Kazbah up to XXL by DURKL.  Not sure about the Triple Highlighter colorway.  Personally I think they should have used T.U.W colors for authenticity.  I had to throw a pic of The Ultimate Warrior up, cuz he’s just too intense.  They need to get him on The Surreal life so he can get drunk and yell “SNAP INTO A SLIMJIM BITCHES!”  Click the pic below to see his crazy ass website.



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2 responses to “The Ultimate Warrior…

  1. ahmad

    July 29, 2008 at 5:10 am

    lav lav lav lav lav lav lav lav lav lav

  2. Lynn Angela Pisco

    September 18, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    I think no matter what it takes he should be there during Monday night’s Raw show to become as the next ” Special Surprise guest host ” because he has a lot to say towards these fans whom believe of the Power of The Ultimate Warrior in the beginning and then he will have issues about returning as well . Mark my word if Randy Orton and his legacy tries to interrupt his chance to even dare step inside the square circle, you have been warned Randy Orton, once you see the eyes of this man right here you better say your prayers or else he’s gonna tear you to shreds . It would be done if Stephanie McMahon herself allows him to sign an agreement though to give Warrior a chance to make history . Please make your pitition to sign Warrior back in action in the ring one more time right here in the W.W.E. itself !


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